Allotments for Communities

Allotments Plots believes in giving back to the community.

Taking care of an allotment garden offers great benefits for a wide range of different groups.

For children, taking care of a garden can be a tremendously beneficial learning experience, making a plot a highly useful resource for schools teaching children of all ages.

For the elderly, keeping a garden provides a wide range of health benefits, offering them a change from their regular routine, gentle exercise and studies have also shown that it provides a number of mental health benefits.

Where required Allotment Plots intends to provide for the disabled, offering them new learning experiences and enabling them to become involved in new activities no matter what their physical or mental challenges may be.

For the needy, allotments can assist them in making ends meet by substantially reducing their food bills by an average of £1,564.

It’s hard to find a group of disadvantaged people who would not benefit from the many advantages offered by an Allotment Plot.

For local business owners, providing a needy group with access to an Allotment Plot is an affordable way of giving back to the local community – a way of saying thank you to their most loyal supporters.  Sponsoring an Allotment Plot is an ideal way of attracting local media attention and, as a charitable donation, will be a tax-deductible expense.

Click here to contact us if you would like to sponsor a plot in your area or if you believe your organization would benefit from receiving one