Allotments for Investors

Owning land has always been one of the most secure and least volatile types of investment that it is possible to buy

Over the past decade, prices for agricultural land has soared by 193% and were totally unscathed by the recession, such is the resilience of this commodity.

In the past, purchasing land has been beyond the means of ordinary people because of the large – and therefore expensive – plot sizes that are the norm with land sales.  Plus there is the hassle of finding someone interested in renting the land from you in order to realize annual returns on the process.

Allotments Plots makes the process of buying parcels of land simple and affordable – and profitable as well – with annual yields of up to 10% available.

Once you have bought your plot, Allotment Plots will rent out your plot on your behalf and pass the income through to you on a monthly basis.  All you need to do is sit back and wait for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.

You are then free to sell on your plot at any time in the future.  Such is the huge demand for allotments in the UK due to the long waiting lists in all areas where Allotment Plots’ sites are located, all sites on sale by the company are likely to sell out in a matter of weeks.  This means that there will be an almost immediate return for those wishing to sell on their plots to those buyers who missed out on the initial offering.

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